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CWU Textbook Buyback

Make sure you check out the Wildcat Shop's "Guaranteed Buyback" list below when considering books for this quarter.

Ellensburg Campus

At the CWU Wildcat Shop during business hours unless otherwise stated.

January 4-5, 2023

March 15-17, 2023

June 7-9, 2023

CWU Des Moines

Inside the Wildcat Shop "Rawr-Vee" parked in the main parking lot

Buyback postponed until further notice.

CWU Lynnwood

Inside the Wildcat Shop "Rawr-Vee" parked in the main parking lot

Buyback postponed until further notice.

CWU Pierce

Inside the Wildcat Shop "Rawr-Vee" parked in the main parking lot

Buyback postponed until further notice.


Any time of year!

CWU Wildcat Shop's Guaranteed Book Buyback

Textbook Guaranteed Buyback is another way you can save with Wildcat Shop, CWU’s Official Bookstore. Here's how it works:

  1. Check our Guaranteed Buyback List for your new or used textbooks for the Fall Quarter.
  2. Keep studying hard and read that book.
  3. Bring your book back in good condition no later than December 9, 2022, and we will pay you that exact amount back, guaranteed!

Checkout the Guaranteed Buyback List here:

  • COOK - Tourism:Business of Hospitality... - 9780134484488 - $55.00
  • DALTON - Fundamentals of Financial Planning - 9781946711397 - $60.00
  • DIAZ-RICO - Crosscultural,Lang.+Acad.Dev.-W/Access - 9780134303710 - $40.00
  • LEWANDOWSKI - Science of Relationships - 9781465201409 - $20.00
  • MCMURRY - Organic Chemistry-Std.Gde.+Soln.Man. - 9781305082144 - $70.00
  • MERCER - Teaching Students W/Learning Problems - 9780137033782 - $70.00
  • MOTT - Essentials of Aviation Management - 9781792467622 - $30.00
  • OGRADY - Contemporary Linguistics - 9781319039776 - $65.00
  • PAYNTER - Electronics Tech.Fund.:Conv.Flow - 9780135048740 - $80.00
  • SERRAVALLO - Writing Strategies Book - 9780325078229 - $16.75

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Guaranteed Buyback and How Does It Work?
It is a great way to know how much cash you can get at the end of the term when you sell your book back to the Wildcat Shop. If your textbook is on our Guaranteed Buyback List, we will buy it back from you for the price listed up until December 9, 2022. Payment for all books on the guaranteed buyback list will be given cash or Wildcat Shop Card.

How Do I Know If My Book Is On The Guaranteed Buyback List?
We will have a "Guaranteed Buyback" list for all in-store textbooks that have a guaranteed price. are on our list. The spreadsheet will show the exact price we will pay if you sell the book back to us no later than December 9, 2022. Please be aware that your book will be assessed when you sell it to us. If it is in less than good used condition, it may not meet the condition that Guaranteed Buyback books need to be in. See conditions below.

What If My Book Is Not On The List?
Chances are that we will still be able to buy it back through our regular buyback program. You can always get a quote in store during buyback December 7 – 9, 2022 by bringing your books into the Wildcat Shop.

Is this program for New books only?
We buy back both used and new books, no matter where they were purchased! When in doubt, bring it in! We are always happy to check whether any book has a price in the system.

Do you buy books in any condition?
We will buy books that have covers intact, no excessive highlighting or writing and no water damage.