Course Material Preorder

The Wildcat Shop is here to help you get your course material!

There is a lot going on at the beginning of each quarter. Let the Wildcat Shop help you cross “buy course material” off your list when you sign up for Course Material Preorder at the Wildcat Shop. It is a fast, easy, convenient way to get your course material. Best of all the service is FREE!

Answer a few questions using our preorder form on or before August 9, 2020 to indicate your preferences. We will print your schedule and create and order for the course material you need for your classes. Your order will be charged to your student account and ready for you to pick up before classes begin.

Pre-Order in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Submit your preorder – Fill out the preorder form on or before August 9, 2020. You don’t need to have your schedule – simply sign up – we will do the rest.
  2. Let us shop for you – August 10, 2020, we will pull your schedule and Wildcat Shop employees will shop for your course material based on your preferences. We will charge your student account and prepare your order for pick up before classes begin.
  3. Pickup your order – You will receive an email when your order is ready to pick up. Bring your student ID to the Wildcat Shop to pick up your order.


Below are some common questions. If there is a question we have not answered, please email [email protected].

How do I know my order is ready to be picked up?
All course material preorders should be ready to pick up a week before classes begin. You will receive a reminder email as soon as your order is ready to pick up.

How do you know what material I will need?
We will print your schedule one month before classes begin.  This is the schedule we will use to determine what course material you will receive.

Do you pull all items required for courses?
We will pull all REQUIRED items available from the Wildcat Shop that your instructors have told us about. Optional items will need to be purchased separately from the website or in store.

Can I cancel a portion of my course material pre-order?
Unfortunately, at this time, our system will not allow you to cancel a portion of the preorder. You can return any unneeded items when you pick up your order. . To place an order for only some classes you are enrolled in, please order online at or come into the store. Course materials can be purchased online and in store starting one month before classes begin each quarter.


How do I cancel my preorder?
To cancel your preorder, please send an email to [email protected] before the first day of class.

How will I know how much my course material cost?
You will receive an itemized receipt showing the cost for each item when you pick up your preorder.

What if my schedule changes?
If you change your schedule after August 9, 2020, you can return the items you no longer need when you pick up your preorder or send an email to [email protected] to cancel your entire preorder. After August 9, 2020, you will want to go to our website to order material you need for any new courses you enroll in.

What happens if one of my instructors decides not use one of the items I received in my preorder?
Simply return the item to the Wildcat Shop before the second Friday of the quarter for a full refund. (This is the same as our regular return date each quarter.)

How does preordering work when my course uses Inclusive Access course material?  
If you are in a course which offers Inclusive Access materials, you will receive access to the material on the first day of class. Please check Canvas or your email for more information. Payment for this material will be processed on a separate charge.