CWU Wildcat Shop Freethrow Promo


The first 25 students attending the following games: 1) Men’s BB Wildcats vs Yellow Jackets January 27th, 7:00pm, 2) Women’s BB Wildcats vs Saints February 3rd, 5:15pm, 3) Men’s BB Wildcats vs SF Clan, February 3rd, 7:30pm, and 4) Men’s BB Wildcats vs Cavaliers February 15th, 7:00pm will receive a ticket for a chance to shoot a free throw at half time when they present/get their game ticket at the ticket booth. Twenty-five tickets for the free-throw will be given at each game. All participants who make a free throw will compete against each other until one student is left. That student will receive a ‘Finalist’ ticket and will compete at the February 17th, 7:00pm Basketball game, Wildcats vs Wolves. One winner from each game will participate in the Finalist bracket. Each participant will have 1 minute to make free throws. The participant who makes the most free throws during that minute will win a Spring 2018 textbook scholarship provided by the Wildcat Shop. If there is a tie with the finalists, we will have a sudden death shootout where they alternate shooting free throws until someone misses and someone makes. If needed we will move them back to a three pointer or half court for the tie breaker which will be at the discretion of the Assistant Athletic Director for Ext Affairs. Winner must present their Spring schedule to Steve Wenger at the Wildcat Shop. The scholarship’s value is up to $500. Chances in winning at the first 4 basketball games are 1 in 25. Odds of winning at the ‘Finalist’ basketball game is 1 in 4 for the Textbook Scholarship.