Store Policies

Store Policies

  1. Bookstore Department Charges
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Return Policy
  4. Connection Card Purchases
  5. Procedures for Financial Aid Use
  6. Purchase of a Gift Card

Bookstore Department Charges

Departments that wish to make charges at the Wildcat Shop must have a bookstore department charge form filled out with the following:

  • Department name
  • Authorized department signature
  • Name of the person authorized to pick up the merchandise
  • Account code (this is included on the form)
  • Your speed key account (10 digit number)

If the signing authority is the person picking up the product, a blank form can be filled out at the Wildcat Shop. Supplies are discounted 20% for purchases over $5.00. Software and electronics are excluded from the 20% discount. You will receive a goldenrod copy of the department charge for your records. There are no refunds on special order items.

Items appear on your monthly budget report the following month or two months later if they are purchased late in the month. If you want to view them individually, they must be viewed on the monthly project detail status report. If you have questions regarding your billing please contact Carol Hill in Accounting at x2395.

Privacy Policy

This site is owned and operated by Central Washington University. When you shop online with us, you can shop in confidence that we will not sell any information to a third party. We've included the following information to let you know how we'll use your information.

Information Sharing

We collect and maintain nonpublic personal information. Your information is only shared with outside parties in the following instances:

  • when necessary to complete your order (i.e., your credit card and billing information is shared with our bank for authorization and your delivery address is shared with our shipper)
  • when requested or required by law (government agencies, subpoenas, or other legal processes)

We use the personal information you supply to complete and ship your order. Your email address is used to send you an order confirmation and to alert you to any changes in the availability of the items you ordered (backorders, shipper delays, etc).

Personal Information - Because we offer services on behalf of CWU, your information (non-financial) may be shared within CWU to provide service to you or information to campus departments and/or services.

"Cookies" - When you visit the Wildcat Shop, you are sent a cookie. A cookie is used to identify you at the Wildcat Shop and to keep items in your shopping cart in between your visits.

Email Notifications - The Wildcat Shop will send emails to confirm your order and the status of the order or specific items. From time to time, the Wildcat Shop may also send emails to let you know about changes to our site or product specials that may be of interest to you. We may also, from time to time, send you emails about a campus events or services that you may be interested in.

Return Policy

To return items bought online: for your convenience, items may be returned to our store or shipped to us prepaid. Provided you have the appropriate information (receipt or packing list), we will return your purchase price to the method of payment (cash or credit). Shipping charges are not refundable.

Note: Items must be in new condition, have original packaging and/or pricing information intact (tags, labels, etc.). Returns are subject to the discretion of the manager and are not guaranteed. Please see policy information below.

Return Policy: Eligible merchandise (listed below) may be returned for an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt or packing list.

  • Textbooks (see policy below)
  • Computers/Software/Electronics are not refundable
  • Special orders are not refundable
  • Shipping charges are not refundable
  • Closeout and/or clearance items are not refundable

To purchase another item after a return - simply visit our site or store and select the merchandise you'd like. Your order will be processed as a new order.

Returns for online purchases not picked up: If you place an order online and do not pick it up, the Wildcat Shop can return the order within the guidelines specified in the return Return Policy. For any items not picked up after 30 days, we will attempt to contact the customer at least twice and then return items to inventory with no refund if the customer cannot be contacted for resolution.

Textbook Refund Policy

Refunds for Ellensburg campus students who have purchased their books in the bookstore or online will be offered through the first two weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. During Summer quarter, full refunds are limited to the first four days of class period.

Refunds for students attending CWU off campus centers who have purchased their books online will be offered through the third Friday of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Summer quarter refunds will be limited to the second Friday following the start date of the summer session for which the textbook is used in. Returns must be postmarked by the third or second Friday. Refunds for textbooks used for summer short-term classes, those that last only a few days, must be postmarked before the class begins.

Note: Returns must be accompanied by a current quarter "Wildcat Shop" cash register receipt. New books must be absolutely clean and free from markings. Shrink-wrapped or packaged items must be returned unopened. Do not write your name, mark in books, or open packaged bundles until you are sure you will keep them.

Mailing address for returns:

Wildcat Shop
Attn: Returns Department
Central Washington University
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7449

Final Reminder: When returning books, include a copy of your receipt, your name, your student identification number, and your telephone number. Should you have further questions regarding a return, please call us at (509) 963-1311.

Connection Card Purchases

Connection cards may be used for all purchases made at the Wildcat Shop as long as there is money in your general debit account. You can not use money from your meal card portion at the Wildcat Shop. This service is available to students, faculty, and staff, and you can add money to your card to make purchases at the store at the following locations:

  • Cashiers Office or Connection Card Office (located in the SURC)

The card's only limit is the amount of money you have placed on the card. The card is valid for all products that the store carries. Returns on the connection card will credit your connection card for the amount of the return.

Procedures for Financial Aid Use

Note: To discover the dates for which Financial Aid charges are accepted, please visit our FAQ.

Financial Aid is accepted at the Wildcat Shop for guaranteed sources and student financial aid. The store will allow a student to charge to an account after verifying that the student is currently registered and checking the student's ID. We must have an ID to process a charge for a student. The money is then deducted from the student's financial aid award when the bookstore bills the sale to the student's account. The start and end dates for charges to student accounts are posted on our web site.

You may use your financial aid on the web site and by visiting the store. We can also print out a schedule of your classes for you.

Purchase of a Gift Card

Any individual, department or group can purchase a gift card at the Wildcat Shop. We sell the gift cards in the store or online using a credit card. Cards can be purchased for any amount a customer chooses. The bearer is able to use the card for any purchase. We can mail the cards to the purchaser or the recipient if the order is placed online. All gift cards are valid indefinitely from the date of issue. There are no restrictions on what you may purchase with your gift card.

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